söndag 7 juli 2013

TW Kernels

Faux Kernel!

Developed by Faux123 which is the Kernel God by many XDA users realesed his lastes kernel 23 June, version 006u and 006m.

The difference between the "m" and the "u" version will I explain here now. The "m" stands for mainline which means no overclocking of the cpu or GPU! 
The "u" stands for ultimate and here is the CPU overclocked to 2.1Ghz and the GPU to 600Mhz. This is the so smooth you wont even believe it yourself!

The cons with this one is that you have to buy the control app in Google Play t be able to control the CPU,GPU, voltages and much more!

KT Kernel!

This is the one I'm currently using when running the latest Foxhound 0.9. I'm getting about 5 hours screentime one each charge with heavy use..I am a teenager which will explain everything! ;)
He updated this one 2 July and I have to say this is the best kernel according to me! Mine is OC to 2052Mhz and the GPU to 545 MHz.. Its so smooth when using his own Governor "Ktoonservativeq" and KT explained it like this: This governor is basedon conservative, but added some tunable vars and made it a hotplugging governor unlike conservative. With the settings I included stock it is probably the most responsive gov and is pretty good at saving battery as well. Especially with my screen off option to limit the CPU top Mhz. Hope that answers all ur questions. When flashing the kernel will you also get "Ktweaker" to control this beast

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