söndag 7 juli 2013

KT Kernel Updated!

Ktoonsez just realesed an update on his kernel! The changelog is huge so I'm looking forward to try the new one!
Change Log 7.7.2013
1. Linux 3.4.52
2. Sync up with CM's latest commits
3a. ktoonservativeq: touch_boost_cpu_all_cores is now defaulted to 0
3b. ktoonservativeq: Total re-write of the code for touch_boost_cpu_all_cores option (for people that had issues with this being set to a 1, you may be able to reset it to a 1 again)
4. ktoonservativeq NEW TUNABLE "sync_extra_cores", this item will spawn its CPU frequency calculation to all online cores to keep all 4 cores more under control of ktoonservativeq
5. ktoonservativeq3 NEW TUNABLE "lockout_2nd_core_hotplug", "lockout_3rd_core_hotplug" and "lockout_4th_core_hotplug", these items give you the ablility to lock specific core to be always ON (set to a 1)
6. ktoonservativeq: Add missing cancel_work_sync
7.exFAT for AOSPkernel (using same files from Talustus but making necessary script and ramdisks adjustments
8. exFAT adjustments for TW users to try and auto mount all different partition configurations
9. Remove some more log spam
10. Trying some new build flags

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