söndag 7 juli 2013

Foxhound 0.9

Raffaele88, the developer of Foxhound Rom which is a TW MF8 based custom Rom realesed an update earlier today which fixed the annoying "NFC FC" but also made the SystemUI compatible with Nottach.

Full changelog:
FoxHound 0.9<*>Fix NFC FC</*> <*>Select SystemUI compatible with Nottach</*><*>Insert Six option for Lockscreen Rings</*><*>Updated Abyss</*><*>Updated KT</*><*>Insert Adam Kernel</*><*>Insert New Beats Mods</*><*>InsertWeather Widger 100% trasparent</*><*>Insert TouchWiz 4x4_5x5_3x4_Scroll_Wallpaper</*><*>Themed calendar</*><*>Insert Apk for Facebook page</*><*>Insert Apk for WebSite page</*><*>Little reworked installation script</*>
 Download link http://www.foxhoundrom.net/?page_id=343

A quick review of an older version:

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