söndag 7 juli 2013

KT Kernel Updated!

Ktoonsez just realesed an update on his kernel! The changelog is huge so I'm looking forward to try the new one!
Change Log 7.7.2013
1. Linux 3.4.52
2. Sync up with CM's latest commits
3a. ktoonservativeq: touch_boost_cpu_all_cores is now defaulted to 0
3b. ktoonservativeq: Total re-write of the code for touch_boost_cpu_all_cores option (for people that had issues with this being set to a 1, you may be able to reset it to a 1 again)
4. ktoonservativeq NEW TUNABLE "sync_extra_cores", this item will spawn its CPU frequency calculation to all online cores to keep all 4 cores more under control of ktoonservativeq
5. ktoonservativeq3 NEW TUNABLE "lockout_2nd_core_hotplug", "lockout_3rd_core_hotplug" and "lockout_4th_core_hotplug", these items give you the ablility to lock specific core to be always ON (set to a 1)
6. ktoonservativeq: Add missing cancel_work_sync
7.exFAT for AOSPkernel (using same files from Talustus but making necessary script and ramdisks adjustments
8. exFAT adjustments for TW users to try and auto mount all different partition configurations
9. Remove some more log spam
10. Trying some new build flags

Original thread here! 

Google Edition Rom updated to V9

Earlier today did I wrote about Jamals GE v8, and he recently uploaded v9! So here's an updated review about the ROM! He have now changed to Ausdims v4 Kernel which is a good if you ask me!
 Changelog: (08.07.2013) v9
•Updated Linux kernel to latest 3.4.52 - ausdims v4 kernel!
•Disable Gentle Fair Sleepers
•Disable rooting restrictions
•Disable all debuggers (better battery life)
•Rom tweaks.....
•Very good battery life , stable , clean and fast!
•Torch added!
 So check this thread out and enjoy your new Google Edition Phone! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2341794

TW Kernels

Faux Kernel!

Developed by Faux123 which is the Kernel God by many XDA users realesed his lastes kernel 23 June, version 006u and 006m.

The difference between the "m" and the "u" version will I explain here now. The "m" stands for mainline which means no overclocking of the cpu or GPU! 
The "u" stands for ultimate and here is the CPU overclocked to 2.1Ghz and the GPU to 600Mhz. This is the so smooth you wont even believe it yourself!

The cons with this one is that you have to buy the control app in Google Play t be able to control the CPU,GPU, voltages and much more!

KT Kernel!

This is the one I'm currently using when running the latest Foxhound 0.9. I'm getting about 5 hours screentime one each charge with heavy use..I am a teenager which will explain everything! ;)
He updated this one 2 July and I have to say this is the best kernel according to me! Mine is OC to 2052Mhz and the GPU to 545 MHz.. Its so smooth when using his own Governor "Ktoonservativeq" and KT explained it like this: This governor is basedon conservative, but added some tunable vars and made it a hotplugging governor unlike conservative. With the settings I included stock it is probably the most responsive gov and is pretty good at saving battery as well. Especially with my screen off option to limit the CPU top Mhz. Hope that answers all ur questions. When flashing the kernel will you also get "Ktweaker" to control this beast

Google Edition S4 V8

Here is a Google Edition Rom running 4.2.2 made my Jamal2367 which is according to me the best GE 4.2.2 Rom online for the GT-I9505!

Yesterday did he realese V8 which mainly added the new Broodkernel but also upgraded the GPU Driver!

I would strongly recommend this rom if you're looking for an AOSP fully working rom! It's absolutely working as daily one and i have to admit the rom is very fast and smooth!

Original thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2341794

Foxhound 0.9

Raffaele88, the developer of Foxhound Rom which is a TW MF8 based custom Rom realesed an update earlier today which fixed the annoying "NFC FC" but also made the SystemUI compatible with Nottach.

Full changelog:
FoxHound 0.9<*>Fix NFC FC</*> <*>Select SystemUI compatible with Nottach</*><*>Insert Six option for Lockscreen Rings</*><*>Updated Abyss</*><*>Updated KT</*><*>Insert Adam Kernel</*><*>Insert New Beats Mods</*><*>InsertWeather Widger 100% trasparent</*><*>Insert TouchWiz 4x4_5x5_3x4_Scroll_Wallpaper</*><*>Themed calendar</*><*>Insert Apk for Facebook page</*><*>Insert Apk for WebSite page</*><*>Little reworked installation script</*>
 Download link http://www.foxhoundrom.net/?page_id=343

A quick review of an older version: